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No matter where you are in the process,

JP-Ed can help.

Individualized Plan. Focused. Keep on Task. Follow Through. Accountability.

Finding the perfect match of colleges that meet your career goals, interests, personal values, and financial needs increases the chance for scholarships, academic success, personal growth, and graduation. JP-Ed brings passion and experience to help you on your path to success.

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"The time my daughter and I spent with Jennifer was amazing. She took the time to research and discuss the facts of what my daughter wanted for her goals." --K.C., class of 2021

"As an international student from Brazil, I did not know much about college in the U.S. Jennifer helped me with the process. She did everything she could to help me get into the college I wanted to go to. We went on college visits, did research on different colleges together, guided me through writing application essays, and she helped me find the best scholarships available! She has an outstanding ability to not only find the right colleges, but also is one of the most reliable people I know." --A.M., class of 2020

"I had little idea as to where I would continue my next level of education. Jennifer went above and beyond in helping me narrow my options down to a few schools, even offering to go on college visits with me. Jennifer provided me much needed clarity in a time of 'over-whelming-ness.'" --S.M., class of 2020